Think outside the mat

Do you love traditional yoga but are looking for a fresh challenge? Or do you find yoga too boring or intimidating? Then TNT YOGA is perfect for you. It's user-friendly traditional yoga combined with flowing tai chi-inspired moves and empowering marital arts, all choreographed to hot bumpin' music that makes your body want to move!

Creator Trenna Bingham delivers two 30-minute, calorie-blasting workouts that anyone can do successfully -- all fitness levels and all ages. WIth her warm, playful personality you're guaranteed to smile as Trenna inspires and motivates you to succeed! She uses original ATL music to pump you up, like Young Bree's sexy radio-played "Check Ya Swagg" and makes getting that lean, fit body a reality. You'll quickly see noticeable improvements in your strength, balance, flexibility, posture and overall fitness.

Think Outside The Mat and spice up your yoga with TNT YOGA, The Evolution of Yoga. You'll never experience yoga the same way again.

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